Good evening fellow foodies. I’m sure u are wondering what my post title means, well Mdé is a word in ogoni language. Ogoni is a tribe in Rivers state, Nigeria. Mdé basically means I will eat. 

In other words, this is a food post. So today what we are Learning to prepare is potato and curry chicken sauce. It’s a low calorie meal so can be prepared if u are trying to lose weight or at night because its light.


  1. 3 cubes of maggi
  2. Pepper (dry or fresh) 
  3. One small bulb of onions
  4. Salt
  5. Curry
  6. Four cuts of Chicken
  7. One finger of Potatoe

Note: The recipes and preparation instruction produces a dish which serves one.


  1. Cut your chicken to your desired size then wash it with water only.
  2. Grind your pepper with a mortar. Also cut your onions to small pieces.
  3. Put your washed chicken in a pot, add your Maggi, pepper, salt and onions with a little water. 
  4. Put your chicken on fire and let it boil till its soft and well cooked. This usually takes about 18 to 20 minutes. 
  5. When it’s boiled, add a little water then sprinkle curry spice in it and add more dried pepper, onions and one cube of maggi then leave it for two minutes before bringing it down. 
  6. Cut your fingerling potato into your required size. I diced mine so it will cook really fast.
  7. Wash the potatoes then put to boil, add a pinch of salt while it’s cooking.
  8. Once it’s boiled, bring it down from the fire, drain the water then serve. 

      This is my finished product. You can also add vegetables to yours while preparing it to make it colourful. E.g, carrot, green pepper, green peas, green beans e.t.c. How does yours taste?? 


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