Tips for a more healthy lifestyle


I keep testing and it works. It’s hard initially but with time and self discipline, you get there. 

Trimmer and trimmer everyday

Do this everyday to shake off that belly fat, trim your waistline. 


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  1. ikechukwu says:

    gonna try it out, hope it works😎


  2. sparkledawn says:

    It seems so easy to do when you read the list but actually doing it? Well that’s the hard bit!! Addicted to chocolate 🍫


    1. Zortura says:

      Lol take a piece of a bar of chocolate daily and you will be fine

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      1. sparkledawn says:

        It would be a huge piece of chocolate!!


        1. Zortura says:

          😂😂 Loool you might as well own the factory if you consume so much of it😂😂 medium size will do for starters


    2. Zortura says:

      This should be done in the morning though, to cure your craving for the rest of the day

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  3. I wish. I have no discipline.

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