Married dad ‘dropped his wife and kids off at church and went to have sex with 12-year-old during two year affair’


Clive Royales is accused of picking up his alleged victim from school for sex during her lunch break.

The MARRIED dad-of-two had a two-year relationship with a 12-year-old girl – having sex with her up to three times a week

Businessman Clive Royales, 48, who ran an engineering firm, would pick the girl up from school on her lunch break and have sex in his car, it is alleged.

Clive Royales pictured leaving Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court where the married business man has appeared at court where where he faces accusations of having a two year affair with an under age schoolgirl

Royals, of Oldham, Greater Manchester, denies three charges of indecent assault and one count of indecency with a child.

At the start of a trial at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court a jury heard that Royales convinced the young girl that he would whisk her away to an idyllic island in Greece and that they would live on a boat.

They would then have sex whenever they had the opportunity.

Katherine Johnsonprosecuting

The girl was aged 12 to 15 when the incidents allegedly occurred, and she is now in her early 30s but cannot be named for legal reasons.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard that Royales groomed the girl, starting by getting her drunk on alcopops at a sports match before kissing her at his home.

Katherine Johnson, prosecuting, told the court that although he was only facing four charges, there was a sexual history between Royales and the girl, some of which he could not be charged for because of the length of time that had passed.

He is said to have bought a girl a phone, with his number saved under ‘Mr Floppy’

Miss Johnson said: “On one occasion he asked her if she was a virgin and kissed her.

“The second occasion was at his engineering company Saw-Tech. They had sex on his desk.

“He was nervous and told her that if he got caught he would be in a lot of trouble.

“He told her that ‘once they had done this there is no going back’ and ‘don’t tell anyone what’s gone on.’

“They would then have sex whenever they had the opportunity.”

The court also heard that Royales would drop his wife and children off to church on a Sunday, and then go to have sex with the child, before rushing back to pick his family up again.

He would also encourage the girl to wear his wife’s underwear, it was alleged.

The pair met up and had sex up to three times a week the court heard, with Royales picking the victim up from school in her lunch hour to go an have sex in his car.

Royales also bought the girl a phone, and saved his number in it as ‘Mr Floppy’ so no one would be able to identify him, he also made sure that she deleted any messages between them.

In interviews with the police the girl described Royales making it a “battle” between her and his wife.

She said: “He would tell me that she was better at sex than me and I needed more practice.

“He said as soon as I was 16, it sounds so stupid now, that we would move to Greece and live on a boat.

“There were lots of different incidents it went on for a while.”

I didn’t feel like I’d been abused at the time. I tried to put it away and block it out.

Alleged victim

The victim only reported the incidents to the police after she began suffering with anxiety, and felt that the root of the problem stemmed from the assaults.

She added: “I didn’t feel like I’d been abused at the time. I tried to put it away and block it out.”

The trial continues.

Source: Sun UK


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