Floods wash away 29 Cows, bridges, farms in Plateau

The impending flooding warning by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has began to take its toll on residents of Plateau as Tuesday night down pour wreck havoc on residents of a Jos East local government of Plateau.

A Fulani settlement in the local government was washes away by the flood caused by the torrential rain including 29 cows.

The Fulanis had to climb trees to escape been washed away by the flood, but they could not do anything to help their cows do unto the force with which the flood was moving.

Several bridges along Fobor-Angware road and that of Maza road were also washed off by the flood.

The affected bridges has made it impossible for vehicular movement in and out of the local government.

According to the House of Assembly member representing Jos East Constituency in the Plateau state house of assembly, Hon Joshua Madaki, “The flood caused heavy losses to herdsmen and farmers in the local government, the damages caused by the flood can be quantified in hundreds of million naira.

Hon Madaki said, “After the flood subsided, the owners of the cows followed the direction of the flood from Angware to Federe where they discovered the dead bodies of the 29 flooded cows”

“The flood also washed away several farms and food crops especially yam farms, rice farms and maize farms.

“The affected bridges and culverts have distrusted the transport system in the locality and resident can only go out of the state through Bauchi State” said Hon Madaki.

He said, “From the damage I saw, these farmers and pastoralists affected will require government assistance to recover the losses, I’m therefore soliciting for government assistance on their behalf. The huge losses is beyond what the local authority can handle.

The law maker expressed deep sympathy with the victims of the flood, but encourage them to give thanks to God that the flood did not affect human live. He promised to use his position as their legislator to mobilize necessary reliefs from relevant government agencies.

Source: The Nation


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