“Friend” kills friend by poisoning with cyanide to avenge her pain. 

Footage has revealed the horrifying moment a woman drinks a cup of ice coffee her friend allegedly laced with cyanide in the moments before her gruesome death. 

The confronting video shows former Sydney design student Mirna Salihin as she unsuspectingly brings the cup of poisoned ice coffee to her lips and appears to react as if in pain.

Her former friend, Jessica Wongso, who is charged with Ms Salihin’s murder by cyanide, sits with her as she drinks the fatal concoction.

The former Sydney design student (pictured) appeared to react as if she is in pain after she unsuspectingly brings the cup of poisoned ice coffee to her lips and takes a sip.

Ms Salihin clutches at her face, shakes her head then almost instantly slumps in her chair, her head dangling backwards.

Her husband, Arief Soemarko, told ABC’s 7.30: ‘She’s obviously in pain. Several times she wave[s] her hand at her mouth.

I heard that the poison itself it, it’s corrosive and it destroys everything that’s in the way. I heard also that her stomach was destroyed because of the poison.

‘I’m really devastated on how she felt that day.’

The pair had been friends for seven years when Wongso allegedly poisoned Ms Salihin on January 6, 2016 at a restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia.

They had lived together while studying at Billy Blue Design College in Sydney and in June, a court in Jakarta heard prosecutors suspected the alleged murder was driven by revenge, according to The Age.

Now, documents have revealed Wongso – an Australian resident – suffered serious mental health problems, the ABC has reported.

The Australian Federal Police documents were given to Indonesian police and they have been used to help support Indonesia’s pursuit of Wongso. 

According to the ABC, a lack of evidence had meant the case against her was almost  dropped. 

The file includes details of Wongso’s behaviour in the 12 months before the alleged murder,  including suicide attempts, threatening colleagues, an alcohol-fuelled road accident, suspicions of vandalism of her ex-boyfriend’s car, and an apprehended violence order he took out against her. 

Wongso’s lawyer has claimed the file has been misused by police in Indonesia.

An Indonesian court heard that in 2015 Ms Salihin had allegedly told Wongso to end her relationship with her then-boyfriend because he was a drug dealer and ‘rough’, The Age reported.

She eventually broke off the relationship and to avenge her pain, ‘the defendant planned to take away Mirna’s life’, according to prosecutors.

To implement this plan, they allege Wongso reconnected with Ms Salihin through the online messaging service WhatsApp on December 5, 2015 – one day before she arrived in Indonesia from Australia.

Wongso then organised a catch-up with Ms Salihin and another Billy Blue student – Boon Juwita (known as Hani) who also studied at Billy Blue – at Olivier Restaurant in the Grand Indonesia mall.

Wongso arrived before the other women and ordered Ms Salihin’s favourite drink – an iced Vietnamese coffee.

After it was placed on the table, she allegedly moved to the middle of the booth seat, placed the coffee to her right and arranged three gift bags around it so no witnesses could see the coffee.

Soon after she returned to her original seat, pushing the drink towards the middle of the table and moving the three gift bags to the side.

When Hani and Ms Salihin arrived, she said: ‘This (coffee) is for you Mir, you said you wanted (it).’

Ms Salihin drank it, exclaiming: ‘This is really not good, this is awful.’

Two minutes later, prosecutors say, she collapsed.

Her head fell to the back of the sofa and she began foaming at the mouth and had a ‘blank look’ on her face.

Hani called her name and tried to wake her up but Wongso, prosecutors alleged, just sat there quietly without reacting or helping.

An autopsy later found an anomaly in her stomach caused by a corrosive agent while the amount of cyanide found in the iced coffee – 298mg – was well over the lethal dose for a woman of Ms Salihin’s size, prosecutors say.

But Wongso’s legal team criticised the prosecution’s case, saying they had not provided any evidence as to where the cyanide was allegedly purchased or how their client allegedly administered it into the drink. 

Source : Daily mail Online 

Link for video. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3730807/The-moment-former-Sydney-design-student-Mirna-Salihin-drinks-coffee-friend-Jessica-Wongso-allegedly-laced-cyanide.html#v-187998099061099191


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