Magnus Abe and The Preliminary Assessment of the Political Dynamics in Ogoni

Everywhere we go to in Ogoni LAND, our people keep chanting “no Magnus Abe, no senate election”. It makes me ponder very deeply about the incredible political awareness that has been ignited in the hearts of my Ogoni brothers and sisters of late.
With every passing day, our brothers and sisters in the PDP reach out to us saying, “this Senate election is beyond party affiliation. It’s about Ogoni”. I am very glad that the message of multi-party mandate for Magnus Abe I have been singing has not only taken root in the hearts of my people but it’s also directing and influencing their overt political actions.
Even members of the PDP who are unable to openly identify with the MAGNUS MOVEMENT send messages across to assure us that they understand the dynamics of the moment, and that they are in the struggle with us. The Election Day in Ogoni will spring surprises that are unprecedented in the annals of Ogoni politics. I may not explain what I mean by that now, but time will offer the most eloquent explanation much more than I can do at the moment.
Our people appear to have dispassionately taken a critical look at all our contemporary political dramatis personae, and have come to the irresistible conclusion that Senator Magnus Abe is the only one with the national clout, visibility, network and pedestal to make the difference. Thus, the decision to support him. That decision is in keeping with common sense. No progressive community dispenses with her own best asset. If you destroy your own best today, nobody will be prepared to listen to you tomorrow when you start crying” hey, we don’t have people”. Ogoni is still reeling from a whole generation of human resource it wasted.
Due largely to his performance and political engineering in the Senate, Abe has always enjoyed great support, not only in Ogoni land, but in other non Ogoni LGAs of the Rivers South-East Senatorial District. However, quite surprisingly, that support has effortlessly crystallized into an unstoppable movement in the last three months. Many political watchers have attributed that turn of event to Governor Wike’s incessant but needless belligerence towards Magnus Abe, a situation that has awaken the Ogoni spirit in our people to stand with, for and behind their own. After all, a Magnus Abe is difficult to find everywhere. So, instead of achieving its design, Wike’s cantankerous politics against Abe in Ogoni land has backfired to produce a movement in the hearts of our people, to strike a fire that will be difficult, if not impossible to put out. 
In Ogoni, Ken Saro Wiwa’s influence and impact will forever remain unrivaled. But I dare say that with what I have seen in the last few months, Magnus Abe is on his way to becoming in politics what Ken Saro Wiwa was, and is, to our people in activism. There is no other political figure in Ogoni land with the charisma and magnetism of Magnus Abe.
Of course, there are still people out there who are yet to see what is ahead or identify with the revolutionary political movement taking place, but you know, history doesn’t wait for anybody. The early people try to see the light, the better, because this train can’t stop and can’t be stopped.
His election to the Senate therefore appears a given, but that will only be the beginning of a renaissance readying itself to sweep across Rivers South-East and Ogoni.

Kennedy Friday,

Port Harcourt,




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