Man’s epic reaction to news of his wife’s pregnancy 

So everybody loves babies, especially when you made it with the one you love. Well this woman had a genius way of breaking her pregnancy news to her baby daddy. They were to play a game for a photoshoot, writing on boards three things they love about their partner. However, he never expected it😇😇 meet Brandon and Brianna 

#HappinessOverload Congratulations to the beautiful couple and we pray God sees her through her pregnancy, Amen. 🙏👫


4 Comments Add yours

  1. So precious! I wish I thought about this when I was pregnant.
    Too late now. I’m done… and done!!! lol

    ❤ BP


    1. Zortura says:

      😂😂okay maybe not when pregnant. You can do something similar or exciting when he gets a promotion at work. Uniquely celebrate something you ordinarily wouldn’t celebrate extravagantly but is worth celebrating. 😉

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