Pump N’ Plain 

​Please ma! I will like to make enquiries about any good gynecologist in ajah. I have been trying to conceive  for more than one year now. I have taken herbal mixtures but nothing yet! I have gone to different churches still nothing!. This morning really broke my heart when I woke up and saw my period again. Hubby’s attitude change instantly. Please I need help.
Bloggers view:  Sorry about your husband feeling bad, I understand why he’s upset but he should be a little more supportive seeing that you are trying your best. Also, madam you sound desperate, give your all to God not churches and herbs. Those things do poison. You should go for a test with your husband to see if everything is okay with the both of you. There are a lot of issues in the topic of fertility so DON’T DO IT AT HOME. I do not reside in Lagos and I’m single but I’m pretty sure I have viewers that could help. Above all seek God first. 


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