Kids!! 😊😊

As a child, when you are reprimanded or called out for being in the wrong it hurts. The young ego crumbles under pressure. When mom or dad says they are disappointed in you, it’s unbearable.

This nine-year-old girl had a moment with her mother. They were both on each other’s last nerves, resulting in a petty argument. Mom naturally, got fed up and responded to her daughter’s disrespect with sarcasm. Little did she know that this would be the breaking point for her little girl…

After giving a slightly insensitive response to her daughter mid-quarrel she was served with a letter from one very upset young lady. Her daughter felt some type of way and wanted to be sure that she was heard loud and clear. What better way to lay down the law and let her voice be heard than to put pen to paper?

This is just what the “heartbroken” nine year-old girl did and the results of her emotional confession are too raw and honest to dismiss!

Source: Goodstuffbuzz


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