As seen in Bori

So in case you don’t know, Bori is a town in Ogoni which is a tribe in Rivers state, Nigeria. 

This video was made by an Ogoni man, Kennedy Friday, appealing to the Rivers state government to repair the drainage system on the road. He tagged it..


There are PDP chieftains from Ogoni who can engage the Rivers State Government to end this shame, but they will never do it.
All you will hear from them on radio is how Wike loves Ogoni. And I ask them how?

I haven’t been to Bori on a rainy day so I can’t validate his assertion. However, since there is a video evidencing it and to the people that have witnessed this, what are your comments on it??  It looks horrible and I second his appeal. If this is what my people are really going through then something needs to be done about it fast. We are assuming that they are unaware of the circumstances so I hope this brings adequate awareness to them. 


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