Did you know?? 

An iPhone contains about 0.0012 ounces of gold, 0.012 ounces of silver, and 0.000012 ounces of platinum, worth $1.52, $0.24, and $0.017 respectively.

In 221 AD, Roman Emperor Elagabalus had a dinner party. When the meal was over, he gave the signal for dozens of leopards and lions to be released among his guests.

One of the wealthiest drug lords in history died during a plastic surgery to change his appearance. The two physicians in charge were later found dead, encased in concrete inside steel drums. 

An ant can survive a fall from almost any height, because their terminal velocity would never be high enough to injure them.

Homosexuality was still classified as an illness in Sweden in 1979. Citizens protested by calling in sick to work, claiming “they felt gay”.
What’s tequila made of then? Liquid diamond? I’m pretty sure if Nigerian scientists boil ogogoro it will turn to charcoal😂😂


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  1. Spancyflo says:

    that person dey learn work sef…Nigerians dey vomit money e mean see if we heat human being im go change to world bank..


    1. Zortura says:

      LMAO 😂😂 where did u come from?? #made in Nigeria🙌


  2. depatridge says:

    Reblogged this on Matthews' Blog and commented:


  3. Sherrie says:

    Very interesting facts


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