Librarians need a can of chill pills💊 

Lol yes I had to use the pill emoji. Drama is life 😂😂. This is another Reblog from ,read on my lovelies and laugh your sorrows away. 

​When I decided to do an article on why librarians should have a can of ‘Chill pills’, it was because of an evil librarian my school had.
    Libraries are magical places I go to lose myself. They’re somewhat like Hogwarts or Narnia. They’re a gazillion words and phrases in the world, but I still can’t explain the thrill I feel when I pick up a good book off of the shelf.
Almost all the books I read in primary school were from libraries. In my primary school, I always went home late, why?, because my mom gets off from work by 4pm ish, but school’s over around 2pm.. So had to wait till 4 for my mom to come get me. Anyway, while I was still in school, I’d think of ways to keep busy. There wasn’t much options to choose from, either I stay put in my class with my SCARY teacher, or I roam around till I’m caught and put in the crèche class, with those cry babies. So I opted for the first option. I’d read either of those dumb books, ‘mother horse’, or ‘powerful papaya’… Yes, the names are weird, but in my defense, it was the school that recommended them, moving on.
One particular day when there was a heavy storm, I took permission from my SCARY teacher to use the rest room, she agreed and told me to be back soon. I scampered off in the direction of the rest room, but when I got there, I took a detour for the crèche class to gloat at the fugitives.. Yea, I called the people captured fugitives. 
As I was on my own gloating, one ram, not an actual ram, a human, went to snitch on me. Next thing I know, the minders that bring in the fugitives have surrounded me.. Like, they should really get a hobby. They told me I should go to the crèche class and wait for my mom to come get me, I’m trying to explain that I’m already waiting in my class with my SCARY teacher, but they wouldn’t hear of it, saying that they need proof and blah blah blah.. I start running like crazy, because I’m sure they won’t follow me, boy was I wrong. I tried to lose them, but they were like 6, so that was hard, and no matter how hard I tried, I’d still meet one of them. 

So, I did the stupidest thing.. I ran into the rain. Sure enough, they didn’t follow me, who’d chase a supposedly psychotic girl in the rain and ruin their hair… Lol.
They knew I’d come back in sooner or later, so they waited for me. I’d found a shortcut to the library. I’d snuck in, the librarian was no where in sight, I think she was talking to someone, probably a teacher. I obviously couldn’t go back to my SCARY teacher looking like a wet stocking.. There’d be consequences. 

I’d looked around and found a spot directly under a fan that was on. I decided to dry off there, and it was hidden, so no one could see me easily, a plus 1. It was behind a shelf stacked with novels. I took  Percy Jackson and the lightning thief off the shelf. I’d seen my brother talk about how cool it is, so I wanted to read it. Long story short, I was so engrossed in the book, I lost track of time… Next thing, a slim, tall and scary woman is screaming at me like crazy, she looked like she was having an asthma attack, I was genuinely scared. 

“What are you doing here?!, ehn I almost locked you in. When did you enter here?!, answer me, can’t you talk?!. Who is your teacher?. What class are you in?, should I report you to the headmaster??, did you steal a book??”.
No words could form in my mouth, I was mute and afraid. The novel in my hands had fallen.
“Tear it o, tear it, I’m going to look for your teacher since you’ve refused to talk”

I wanted to run after her and beg her not to, but a part of me didn’t care. All I did was read a book, and she was acting like I’d killed a damn horse. 

Moments later, she materialized, my SCARY teacher by her side. 

“You’re in a lot of trouble” my SCARY teacher had said.

I didn’t bother to explain. “Your mom is downstairs, we’ll talk about this tomorrow”.
We never did talk about it. That was how I escaped the wrath of my SCARY teacher… No thanks to that evil librarian. 

If I wasted your time please go and buy bole. You need some joy in your life😄😄


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