Man crush Monday

*in tiwa savage Voice** ole ole, see him stealing my heart away. Otumgbe shole shole, jekajo ma wole wole. Me love you very long long, pass me your love  like a king Kong, cos u ring my bell like a ding dong. Mmmmm this love is real, and amma trouble no one, I know the feeling is strong cos u is a bandit, never loved another like this.” 😂 😂 that’s it people. My man crush is married o but I crush anyways lol. Too much cuteness in one being so here it goes.  

Pardon my taste but I always get a funny feeling in my pants when I look at his pictures😰😰😰 #Had to share😘

Oh! And if u wish to view more of his pictures, check him on instagram @papiijameh


One Comment Add yours

  1. Empress says:

    Crush ko monday ni…. not my spec😞
    But him try shaa


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