The day I left home

Seriously I couldn’t breathe after reading this. This is amazing writing. I was waiting to do shout outs on Saturdays but this girl has defied the odds. Originally posted by , sorry darling I don’t know how to reblog but I hope you approve of it. See her writing after the cut. 

Growing up, one’s bound to do some really insane things. One of the insane things I did was leave home. I know, I know, that was stupid. 

*How old was I? 7

*Who did I tell I was leaving? My imaginary friends

*Did they try to talk me out of it? Yes

*Did I listen? Nope

*How long was I out? 40mins or so

*Why did I leave? A great injustice

Lemme just cut to the chase and tell you what happened.

It was a dark and stormy night… I kid, I kid. It was a sunny afternoon, a Saturday, if my memory is accurate (It normally isn’t).

I was having an argument with someone, probably one of my siblings, or our nanny back then. Growing up, I was a snitch, not a full blown one like my sister is, but somewhere around that. Nothing happened to me that was left unheard to my parents. So, following my ‘snitch instincts’, I told my parents about the argument I was having with God-knows-who, and they took God-knows-who’s side. I was utterly confused and stunned. I felt betrayed. To add insult to injury, they punished me, after scolding me for what seemed like hours. My mom I can understand, but my dad??, my personal paddy? Growing up, my dad was like my best friend, so when he didn’t side me, I was sad.

So, with anger in my heart, and a self made hobo bag on my shoulder, I decided to run away and never return. Don’t judge me, I was 7.

I packed myself a sandwich, wrote a note that I’d left and they should not bother looking for me. I figured when they’d find out I’m missing, next time, they’d take sides with me, I know, I was nuts.

Leaving was the hard part, considering a lot of things like; 

*Where I’d go

*My laziness would not be my greatest ally… I’m lazy 😑😑

*Pretty much everyone in my neighbo urhood knew me, so I wouldn’t go far without someone recognizing me and calling my parents.

*It’d have been a tad bit weird for a 7 year old to be roaming about with a hobo bag, so I ditched the hobo bag to avoid stupid questions like; 

Where are you going looking like that?”

“Are you acting film?”

“Do your parents know that this is what you’re doing?”

Regardless of all the reasons I shouldn’t leave, I still did.

Where did I go?, across my house, I know, I wasn’t being serious, my laziness got the better of me.

I stayed there for like 20mins and ignored the world. I got hungry and ate my sandwich. I avoided eye contact with anyone and everyone. Some 20mins later, it started to drizzle, and I was getting wet, and I’d just braided my hair. I knew I’d go home sooner or later, and if my hair was looking rough, my mom would give me a real reason to wanna leave home.

So, I sucked up my defiance and decided to go home, not that it was far, it was literally 8 steps, 5, if you spread your legs far apart while walking, but that’d look so weird, even for me. 

When I’d finally worked up the story I’d tell my parents, nanny and siblings, should they ask, I went home.

Get this, no one noticed I was gone. My brothers and nanny were playing Super Mario on my brother’s PlayStation. My little sis was in her cot, doing what 1 year olds do, and my parents were rapping Bini to themselves in their room. Sure, I should’ve been happy no one noticed, because that saved me from punishment, but I was sorta sad. Did my presence mean so little to them 😑😑
PS, I found the note I wrote, yes, I am a hoarder. That was basically what made me share this.

Anyway, this is the story of how I left home. Some 6 years later, I left home again, this time for real, but that’s a story for another day. 

 Hope I didn’t waste your time lol.. Your joy is my joy, see you soon😘


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  1. MultidimensionalHE says:

    So funny, Couldn’t stop laughing.

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