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😂 To do una long throat hungry me well today😂😂 see the recipe for homemade bole after the cut jor 

 You will need:

Four fingers of Plantain

A working grill

Tin tomato (paste) 

Fresh Tomato (blended) 

Diced and blended Onions

Fresh pepper

Dry pepper, suya pepper and black pepper

3 tablespoons of Curry

2 cups of Palm oil

1 tablespoon of Thyme

A finger of Ginger

A clove of Garlic

Five dices of Seasoning cube

1/4 teaspoon of Salt


Water or stock

Preparation :

  1. Cut and wash your fish properly. Crush your ginger and garlic. Dice and blend your onions. Blend your tomatoes and fresh pepper. Set everything aside separately. 
  2. Put your ginger, garlic,seasoning cube, thyme, blended onions, fresh, dry, suya and black pepper in a bowl. Mix the ingredients properly, add a little water then put in your fish to marinate overnight. (put this inside the fridge so it doesn’t get bad and to avoid flies). Grill when you wake up in the morning and pay close attention to it so it doesn’t burn. Fish takes a while to grill so flip sides continuously to ensure every part gets cooked properly. If you don’t have the time to watch it closely then foil it and leave it (this way it doesn’t get burnt but will take a lot longer to cook). 
  3. Peel your plantain and put on the grill (mine doesn’t have degree setting so it’s a matter of turning it). Check the plantain every fifteen minutes to flip sides. Grilling the plantain should take about two hours tops. 
  4. If you intend to do this with yam, peel and cut your yam then soak in salt water overnight. Wash it when you wake up then put it on the grill in the morning and check every ten minutes flipping sides. 
  5. Pour your blended fresh tomatoes, pepper, ginger, garlic and tin tomato paste in a pot and boil till its completely dry. 
  6. Add your onions, seasoning cube, dry pepper, curry, thyme, salt and stock then stir. Add the oil then water. Let it boil for fifteen more minutes before bringing it down from the fire. 

I’m done😊 were u expecting more?? Easy recipe 😂 

    Bole can be enjoyed with chicken as a substitute for fish or just grilled plantain with groundnuts. Enjoy!! 


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