Bishop Obinim’s wife defends her husband over flogging teenagers on grounds of fornication.ย 


Florence Obinim, wife of Bishop Daniel Obinim has defended her her husband for flogging two teenage members of his church for alleged fornication and attempted abortion.

In a video uploaded on Youtube, the gospel musician said had God not revealed to her husband that the two were planning an abortion, her family would have been ridiculed if the abortion had gone awry. She thanked God for using her husband to expose the two.

“Obinim has allowed himself to be used by God. As a mother, I didnโ€™t even know my child was pregnant. If not for Angel Obinim whom God has gifted with visions, this would have been disastrous,” she said.

Mrs Obinim also used the opportunity to rubbish suggestions that her husband owed her an apology for allegedly reprimanding her in front of the congregation.

According to a controversial counselor, George Lutterodt, Bishop Obinim disrespected his wife and painted her in a bad light with the public reprimand.

However, Florence Obinim said the only time Bishop Obinim would chastise her in public is when God is at work.

“My husband has never reprimanded me in public. I have known my husband for years and he calls me honey and never by my first name Florence. So if he calls me Florence in public, then it is not him speaking but God at work. If he had reprimanded me by saying โ€œhoneyโ€ then I would have known that was my husband speaking,”

She continued: โ€“ “At that time, the โ€œAngelโ€ was at work and so itโ€™s not about husband and wife matters else God will disgrace you. So when he rebuked me, I knew it was God speaking. My husband has not wronged me in anyway so if you are asking that my husband apologises to me then itโ€™s as though asking my father Jesus to apologise to me,”

Source: Ghana News 

Meanwhile, the Bishop was arrested today by the Ghanaian Police over alleged GHc 11.6 million fraud case and led away in handcuffs. 

In my opinion he just brought himself to the limelight over negative issues and the public tend to feast on it till he pays or they feel he has paid for his wrongdoings (past and present). Good luck to him and his wife though. Na those two people whey set yansh make him flog naim I dey laugh. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ 


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