Did you know?? 

  • During the 7th century B.C., ancient Roman “vestal virgins” were required to keep their hymens intact as proof of virginity until age 30 or they would be buried alive.

For many centuries, Chinese women endured a practice where their feet were systematically broken and shaped in such a way that they resembled hooves. It was a practice of the wealthy.

  • Each year, about 440,000,000 birds die from smashing into windows — most birds don’t understand reflections.

    Neil Armstrong threatened legal action against his barber for selling his hair to a collector for US$3,000.

    The top speed at the world’s first real automobile race in 1895 was just 15 mph.

    • It took Quebec until 2006 to pay off its debt from hosting the 1976 Summer Olympics.

    Cotton candy was invented by a dentist 

    • In 2011, a monkey was arrested in Pakistan for crossing the border with India.
    • The World’s first labour strike was held on the site of a pyramid 

      Construction workers in Brazil cemented a car on a pavement after its driver refused to move it. #NoChill😂😂


      5 Comments Add yours

      1. meeraah says:

        The Chinese woman part is kinda crazy and the Brazil construction story is crazy too


        1. Zortura says:

          Yes o but it’s history now though. The Brazilian men need Jesus

          Liked by 1 person

          1. meeraah says:

            Lol. Don’t blame them though…might be fault of car owner


            1. Zortura says:

              Yea… Maybe he was claiming rights then parked his car and went home as a #boss

              Liked by 1 person

              1. meeraah says:

                Serves him right

                Liked by 1 person

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