Thank you for your birthday wishes

My fine self this evening 😊😊 #Ignore my bra strap😯

I started today with giving God thanks, never expected to receive such an overwhelming outpour of love. Every year I keep my birthday under hush because I’m not a loud person but this year I kinda regretted it before the day came because I wanted to feel loved on my birthday. I didn’t start a fuss over it but just chilled to see who remembers and apparently everybody did. I got more wishes today than I ever have. 
Today was not one of those birthdays were I reflect and ponder over my life looking for ways to improve it. I work too hard everyday to do that by God’s grace. I thank God for my life o, not every 19 year old is as established as I am. Not every 19 year old is as matured as I am. Not every 19 year old has achieved as much as I have and not every 19 year old is as pretty as I am. So many have died, but I’m here (not like I was expecting to, I have a covenant with God).

I have such amazing friends. Thank you Anita (you are the best), thank you Sybil (you are the second best), thank you Rita (you are the third best), thank you Prince, Llb5 , ture, my family, pawan35, Zoe, the rest of my blogging family e.t.c. Thank you to Collins as well😉 you all made my day. May God bless you hard lol. 😘😘😘


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