Brain teaser

2). If five men takes around three hours to dig three holes, how long will it take for two men to dig half a hole?? 

3). How many oranges can you put into an empty container?? 

4. When you add two letters, the five letter word becomes shorter. What is it?? 

5). If five peacocks lay 10 Eggs in two days, how many peacocks will lay 100 eggs in 24 days?? 

To qualify as winner, you have to answer all five questions in one comment. Also you have to comment on five other previous post of the day. The time you comment on other post does not matter as long as its done before 8pm. If you answer all questions in a comment and not comment on other post the next most eligible person will win

Good luck guys 


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Pauletry says:

    That’s a hard one

    Liked by 1 person

  2. zoe2600 says:

    Omg theses are so hard, I only know the fourth one which is short


  3. 1′.what’ has 4 ,’Yet’ has 3 letter’,Although’ has 8′,Rarely’ has 6′.Never’ has 5 letters,.2) no half hole,3)1 orange,4)shorter,5peacock will not lay eggs,


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