Answer to Brain teaser 

Today we have no winner. Everybody got the answers correctly but no one complied with the rules of the game. I know some of you do it just for fun (I appreciate that) and others do it to win but in order to win, you have to play with the rules. I wrote it down in the post and will repeat it here so next time you won’t repeat the same mistake. 

To qualify as winneryou have to answer all four questions in one commentAlso youhave to comment on five other previous postof the day. The time you comment on otherpost does not matter as long as its done before 8pmIf you answer all questions in a comment and not comment on other post the next most eligible person will winThe prize is airtime of any network of your choice
The answers to the brain teaser questions are:

1). Second place 

2). The  dog can run into the woods only to the half of the wood – then it would run out of the woods. 

3). The woman is blind and is reading braille. 

4). Teapot  


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