Can I preach? 

I remember when gaining admission into the University was still a problem. I had a besty that was lucky to gain admission before me. Whenever I went to visit him, the mother will tell me he is not at home. My besty started giving me attitude. He stopped coming to my house. I asked him what the problem was, he opened up and told me that the mother had Warned him to stop associating with me because I might not be happy he gained admission, while I was still at home. 
Ah I cried Sha. Honestly I was pained. 

Fast forward 5 years later, I have gained admission, and even graduated, my besty was still in the University. It was a 5 Years course but he changed department  and ended up spending 6 Years.

The mother saw me in the neighborhood shortly after graduation and asked if I was on holiday. Holiday ke? MA I have graduated. You can imagine the look on her face. Epic. 😂 

Some of us are guilty of this. 

*When we have a house filled with kids…. Our loyal friend struggling to have kids becomes an enemy. We push them away 

*Once we get married… Our loyal single friend becomes an enemy.. We push them away 

*Once we get a job… Our loyal jobless friend becomes an enemy…. We push them away. 

*Once we get to the top… Our loyal friends at the bottom becomes an enemy…. We push away. 

*When we are happily married… Our loyal friend that is unfortunately a widow or divorcee becomes an enemy…. We push them away

*When we have food and water… Our loyal friend struggling to survive becomes an enemy… We push them away. 

*Nobody is your enemy, you are only being an enemy to them 

We quickly forget… Life is not static. It moves and changes 

When you condemn a situation along with the person in the situation. You are only gambling. 

At the end, the winner is always the person you condemned, the person you least expected.


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  1. meeraah says:

    I love this! Thanks for sharing

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  2. Sherrie says:

    I believe that decisions are made based on two basic premises in life: fear and knowledge. Leave fear behind and always seek knowledge. This will make you the wisest person in the room.

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  3. Yvonne says:

    Huh huh. I can relate with this post. Way back when I just left secondary school, the friends who gained admission to the University just slipped away and sometimes looked down on the ones waiting for admission.

    Tomorrow has a lot to display.


  4. purplebutterfly964 says:



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