Contrasting tales of two unemployed graduates

It only took a recent function at the weekend for me to realise the young graduate’s plight in the face of the vacillating state of the Nigerian Labour Market.

John (not real name) had obviously lamented in a group conversation of both Final year students and Youth Corps members about the gross inability to get a job after graduation.

He said: “Now I have even moved closer to God; knowing fully that he is the way, truth and life to anything in this country. Now wey service wan start (National Youth Service Corps): Mama dey expect, everybody just dey expect “small something” from me.

His own lament elicited a louder scream from me. I had naturally yelled in hysterical laughter.

Moments after the conversation, I remembered my own plight too, I’m also a Final year student- My mum should also expect too.

Originally, the Government should take the blame. But haven’t they been through much lately?

Maybe Final year students and Corp members should cut the Government some slack at times; I guess they are still fighting corruption now, at a point, they fought themselves in a word brawl at the chamber- not to forget the CCT trial still on going.

Let us heave a sigh on their behalf!!

They are obviously throwing their best efforts forward; we should even kneel and thank them for effectively battling the Boko Haram insurgency: Come on, have they not tried?

Unlike John, Bode’s case was different.

Bode always knew there wasn’t much to be given nor offered. However, that did not stop him from utilizing all the opportunities the NYSC offered him.

It was through Bode (not also his real name) I learnt, that several highly discounted; full certified programs came with the NYSC. While other Corp members lamented John’s plight- Bode had acquired several certified qualifications at a cool discounted price- ironically, in the same NYSC program many have called for its removal, consistently.

A trip with Bode to the Gas station a week ago made me admire him the more.

I discovered that through the discounted certified courses offered at the NYSC program; he could conveniently get a managerial job in that same company which was hundred of miles far away from his discipline because of his new certified status as a risk management officer; just in the space of nine months.

Not of course, without adding his success at a recently completed interview in the week.

The stories of John and Bode are two parallel stories crossing at the end of one line which is termed: Graduation.

While Bode sought to make more meaning out of his life as a serving Corp member; John is still expecting the Government to come through for him.

Which Government; You may endeavor to ask?


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