Brain Teaser 

So today’s brain teaser is really easy (if you ask me) 😂. All you have to do is point out where his head is at. Up, down, right, left or middle?? 😂😂 

Today’s Questionnaire😷…

My ex used to do this a lot… like all the time. His reason was I always used his toothbrush to clean the toilet and he failed to replace it on time. I literally wake up to see him brushing his teeth with it and just go back to sleep because talking would be futile….

Growing up with siblings 

Only children can’t relate to this, I’m sorry. We wished we were in your place in our tender years (God knows I did). It’s fun having siblings sha… Nabbing clothes and all that romantic stuffs😂😂


​I was watching an American film last night with my Parents. While watching the film, a young boy of my age started romancing his girlfriend. They kissed each other and when the guy’s hand crossed the girl’s private part, I looked straight at my dad and noticed that his eyes had changed, then I focused…

Laugh Palace 

A man always goes to eat rice and stew in a restaurant. One day, when he went to eat at the restaurant, they said “stew never done yet o”, the man said no problem, just bring the ordinary rice for me, so he ate the ordinary rice. Immediately he finished eating, they said stew is…

Hello fellow foodies!!.. 

I‘ll take the plantain bowl then take two pieces of chicken. I followed the rules. What would you pick?? 

Question of the day…. 

​ A priest requested for fund raising to build a church. then the congregation contributed 30thousand only. Immediately after, thieves entered and held the church under siege and ordered everyone to hand out everything in their pockets. They gathered 8million, 2hundred thousands and 50cents. Later, the thieves gave the cash to the priest in order…

Cute picture of Timi Dakolo’s daughter

This Timi Dakolo‘s baby girl is fine sha 😉😉… The singer shared her picture on his instagram page with a tag hinting he‘s thinking of releasing a new single. Big ups to them!!