Brain Teaser 

I’m thinking 1200. Am I right?? 


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  1. My answer is 500….

    This is a hard one, but here is my reasoning…. the question is not how much do they owe me, but how much did I lose?

    So, they stole 500 from me, but then they gave me back the 500 to cover the 100 they already owed me. I gave them 400 in change. Which means I lost 500 because they paid me back the 100 with my own money.

    Not sure if my answer is right or if I explained how I got that answer very well, but that’s how I arrived there. lol

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  2. ickarus1976 says:

    500 was stolen+400 return, I guess 900


  3. 500.. I think.

    Your 500 was taken, but given back to pay a debt of 100.. So for that time, you have your 500 complete, but you give back a change of 400. The twist is that your debt was paid using money that was already yours, so the debt;100 doesn’t really count, but you don’t know because you don’t know it’s actually your money. So 500; 400 given+ 100 that was truly yours.


  4. ub says:

    900..the money he stole 500 and the change 400


  5. Math eludes me, even this.

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