Shout out Tuesday 

Well everyone knows I do my shout out on Sundays 😉 I came up with it and I’m very proud of myself for that. However, in the last two weeks I haven’t done ‘Shout out Sunday’ Post and I deeply apologize. 

This week my shout out goes to purplebutterfly. I love you like kilode!… You are one of the reasons I’m still blogging. God will bless you immensely and uplift you. His face will continue to shine upon you. All the days of your life you will experience God’s presence in your life. You will be an epitome of his Glory and Grace. 

You have no idea how much you mean to me lol… I know I’m sounding all lovey dovey and it seems fake but this is how I truly feel. You are my number one supporter. You read my posts and you comment 😂. Upon the plenty nonsense that I write 😂. I will love to be in contact with you dear…. You guys won’t believe I don’t know purples sex. Male or female I want you to be my friend. I hope you see this! 

Please check out purples blog on


6 thoughts on “Shout out Tuesday 

  1. OMG I just read this, and I am deeply touched. 😂 I am 35 years old, and I am a woman. I love you too and would love to be your friend. 😘 You keep me inspired to keep blogging as well. 💓💓 God is blessing and will continue to bless you too. 🙌 What is your email address?

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