​I was watching an American

film last night with my

Parents. While

watching the film, a young

boy of my age started romancing

his girlfriend. They kissed each

other and when the guy’s hand

crossed the girl’s private part, I

looked straight at my dad and

noticed that his eyes had changed,

then I focused my eyes more on the

film even though I knew my dad

wanted me to leave the parlour at

once, I did not care. They were still

kissing, this time hotter, then they

both fell on the bed and the guy

was about to open the girl’s bra.

My Dad looked at me with his red

eyes and shouted

“have you ironed the car?”



I was like.. Yes sir. Infact I put starch😄😄😄

#DryJokeSunday #Copied 😉


29 thoughts on “#AfricanParents

  1. Lol
    When that happens my dad says “when last did you read your books come on go to your room”
    But if I’m watching it alone and he see’s it he says”Can’t you see it’s rated 18″whereas nothing’s there

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