Funny Memes 

Get it?? Get it??? 😃😃
That was so me to accounts class last session 😂😂
Funny enough it’s “Service in Progress” over here😉

Sarcasm 101… If you don’t understand it, please keep scrolling. You will understand others😄😄
This is so me at the the moment 😂😂… I would love to fall in love but…. 😘😘

Yes lord 😂 😂
😂 hi hoes 😂 how’s your day going?? 😘😘
Hello pedophile 😕😕

Nasty nasty😊😊

😂😂😂😂 You angels are too amazing to not find these memes funny 😂… I related to them and hope you do too. If you didn’t, please go clubbing tonight. Sip some shekpe and tap some shayo… If you know what I mean😉😉. You need heavy joy in your life😄😄


7 Comments Add yours

  1. purplebutterfly964 says:

    Very funny!


  2. purplebutterfly964 says:

    Very funny


  3. purplebutterfly964 says:

    My phone is sending duplicate replies. I apologize


    1. Zortura says:

      No need to apologize. Duplicate comments don’t bite.
      Apology accepted anyways 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. purplebutterfly964 says:



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