Question of the day 

I don’t see any problem in doing so. I believe it’s better to marry a lady who accepted responsibility for her actions and bore the consequences despite societal opinion than one who aborted hers intentionally and might have destroyed her womb in doing so. 

What do you think guys?? 


11 thoughts on “Question of the day 

  1. I do not find it unusual and yes if I was a guy i would marry her . This question is mostly asked in African communities as they would judge the woman because of the child. they think that having a child out of wedlock says a lot about her character but they are wrong in saying so . they think that a man should marry a virgin and her purity determines her character .To some extent they are right but nobody is perfect .She might have faults .

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  2. Well I am a lady and I was really curious to see what Nigerian men think, I think it is easier for ladies to marry a guy with a kid than for guys to accept single mothers. It is not supposed to be so, but it is the society we live in

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