Okay so can we basically talk about the xenophobic attacks in South Africa?? For a while now I’ve been hearing about it from my friend  and because I hadn’t done much research about it, I thought it was going to die down like it did two years ago and I didn’t take it seriously but I watched two videos tonight relating to this and My God, what kind of human beings are they?? Shout out to my SA readers but  can u guys please talk to your brothers to stop it.We are all Africans. They are killing my own like they are lizards. Those are human beings for crying out loud. I’m beyond ashamed of the Nigerian Government; can they please send planes to evacuate our citizens first?? #BringThemHome. The situation is already out of hand so we can talk about the relationship between the two countries some other time but can lives be saved first. People are talking of Nigeria starting a war with SA but no I don’t subscribe to that because war isn’t a term that should be played around with. Men are also saying they will reciprocate the act on South Africans here in Nigeria and that’s not a good idea either, two wrongs don’t make a right and it will go to show that we aren’t any different. More lives will be lost and that’s not the aim. 
Can the Nigerian leaders for once turn a blind eye to greed and public funds embezzlement and do their jobs?? Save my brothers in SA. 


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  1. purplebutterfly964 says:

    Thank you for bringing more awareness to this horrible situation. I will continue to keep praying for everyone affected by this. 🙏❤


  2. zaram says:

    Like you, I thought it’d end as it did two years ago. I subscribe to your two wrongs don’t make a right resolve.

    This xenophobic attacks are alarming. May God help us!

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