A word is enough for the wise…. I gave u 11!

No title😊

I am a lazy blogger sha o😑 P.s, never search for happypuppies.net on the internet. Just a candid advice. 

Funny memes 

😂😂😂 I promise I’ll get new memes but these ones are still funny lol I wish u the best today! #thinkfast #catch 😘😘


The first is for actors and the second is for models. Read the flyer or details and contact the phone numbers and IG handles for details.  Good luck!😉

Model Search… 

Hey dearies,  It’s for models only please. For more info contact @fowlermodels on IG.  All the best 😘

Inspirational memes

stay positive  Good morning, I had you in my thoughts this morning so smile, be happy you’re alive. I hope you have the rest of this month wonderful and blessed.

Advice needed… 

I think he should keep trying and he should also talk to her about it, just incase it’s not about her not being sure yet and there’s something else involved.  Your thoughts? 💭  

Funny memes 

I genuinely don’t know what WordPress think they are doing. I’m unable to upload my featured image and comment on pictures. I don’t want to get angry so as the Nigerian that I am, I’ll let it slide. 

Quick question…

I know celibacy denotes sexual purity and it means abstinence from sexual intercourse with another person. However, I’m yet to understand if it’s okay to masturbate or use sex toys while celibate. Does it defeat the whole essence of celibacy?  Oh and celibacy isn’t always a religious decision so I would love input from both…

Quick question… 

No… Hell no.! Don’t get me wrong, I love my dad to the moon and back, he’s an average father but he was a terrible husband so nah, I’ll pass.  How about you?? Would you?? 

Workout tips

Saw them on facebook and thought I should share… Happy Sunday!