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I know celibacy denotes sexual purity and it means abstinence from sexual intercourse with another person. However, I’m yet to understand if it’s okay to masturbate or use sex toys while celibate. Does it defeat the whole essence of celibacy? 

Oh and celibacy isn’t always a religious decision so I would love input from both a religious point of view and a secular one.


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  1. iluvryuzaki says:

    In the spirit of celibacy which is to avoid sexual pleasure, I think masturbating or using sex toys does not go very well – it kind of defeats the purpose.

    I for one do not understand the concept of celibacy. There is nothing ‘impure’ about sex. In the view of a great scholar (who I agree with), sex is a natural part of being human so it should be looked at with any negative connotation. I don’t know why being celibate will somehow make you more pure as people practicing it believe.

    On a secondary note, if masturbation is ruled out, I wonder if being celibate is even possible. The body is meant to produce semens/eggs after all. The release will then come in the form of wet dreams or whatever. But that’s the point, I wonder if people who are celibate are able to avoid even this (but I don’t believe they can).

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  2. It defeats the whole purpose . I haven’t had sex in like 8 months but I was still masturbating , made me want sex even more so I believe it’s just better to abstain from it all

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